‘Appy’ New Year Challenge 2015

Our Appy New Year Challenge has started with gusto and we thought we’d share our first productivity update as we trial the Trello app.


Many of you may already use Trello – it’s a few years old – but loving anything that resembles a to-do-list, means that Trello’s visual list style drew us into our first app challenge of the month.


Trello is an online tool for organising pretty much anything in a really flexible way. Whether you use it as a simple task list or for more complex projects, it’s incredibly versatile.  It has three basic parts:


  1. Boards – represent your overarching project such as ‘Monday’s to-dos’ or ‘Blog ideas’
  2. Lists – represent stages in the project, categories or anything else you might want group tasks by.
  3. Cards – represent the individual tasks. On each card you can comment, add and assign members to tasks, upload attachments e.g. images, webpages, artwork as well as creating check lists, colour coding jobs and setting deadlines.


Cards are your building blocks and can be dragged and dropped within lists or even across boards. This way of working is great if you like to see your projects through stages of development – in simple terms: to-do, doing, done!


So, if like us, you love the ritual of list making then Trello is one of the most visual productivity tools we’ve found (you can even spend many happy hours making it look lovely…if you have the time!)


All of these features make Trello a great tool for organising. We have our Queen Bee projects to work collaboratively on, and even our personal to do lists all now on Trello. And, you still get the same satisfaction that comes with ‘crossing off’ an item, but in Trello you either move it to your ‘done’ board, archive it, or delete it all together. So for the neat freaks like me, there are no scribble lines on paper denoting a completed task – it always looks perfect.


Trello’s basic features are free and, to be honest fulfil many of the requirements of a small business and personal planning tool.  There’s no complicated interface which means it works incredibly well as a platform where you can manage a huge range of projects and processes; from meal planning to office management.


Once you’ve set it up across all your devices it will become your go-to-tool – no more fishing soggy bits of paper out of your pocket or realising you’ve left your to-do-list at home…


Find out more about Trello.