Get Business Fit for 2015 – Five Top New Year Resolutions!

1. Lose Weight.

Choose one thing that is weighing down your business. Could it be a clunky book keeping system, paperwork piling up and distracting you from doing your ‘real’ job or a customer database that isn’t working for you? Whatever it is, identify the burden and commit to making a change. Whether you tackle it yourself or hire in a professional, just imagine what 2015 could be if you lightened the load and made your business processes run more smoothly!


2. Get Fit.

Talking of ‘running,’ now you’ve streamlined, you can focus on getting your business ship shape for 2015! Creating a business that is agile and fit for the 21st century means you are prepared for the unexpected and can respond quickly to changes; thriving and prospering even when others may not be. Operating in the digital age has its advantages with plenty of new technologies that can help you get business fit without breaking too much of a sweat! For example just check out what Google can offer you. With Google drive, docs, sheets and add ons you can dump the paperwork! Or check out Marketing Donut’s best apps for for organising and planning.


3. Meet New People.

If the word ‘networking’ frightens the living daylights out of you then don’t…just go and meet some new people. No new business is really done from sitting behind a desk, so if you want to grow in 2015, venture out and say hi…there’s a world of opportunities out there. Check out the Financial Blogger’s post – simple but true, and not scary at all.


4. Try One New Thing.

Never stop learning. It’s a fast paced world and often we feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there. So take a step back, reflect and try one new thing. It can be big or small but if its excites and even scares you, then grab hold of it and give it a go. Remain open, flexible and curious in order to absorb as much as possible. To make your ‘new thing’ a success you’re likely to need some people power, so don’t forget to inject some passion and others will be drawn to help you. And most importantly don’t give up. Remember “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” (Henry Ford)


5. Make your Commitment Public.

Now you’re committed to losing weight, getting fit, trying one new thing; announce it to the new people you meet! Making a public commitment is an extremely effective way of bringing immediacy back to your goal. Some of your goals might take time to payoff but the pain of coming up short, in a very public way, comes at once. It will give you the drive and determination you need to succeed. If this is one step too far you can always it!


Good luck for 2015…we’ll be announcing Queen Bee’s resolutions very soon, so there’s no going back!