Our Prices

Queen Bee PA offers two different pricing models for our Administration and Marketing services; an hourly rate for pay as you go, ad hoc tasks or monthly retainer contracts for clients with regular requirements and a need to budget.

Ad hoc Tasks – Pay As You Go

We charge from £25 per hour for Administrative tasks and from £30 per hour for Marketing, on a pay as you go basis. A completely flexible arrangement, with no ongoing commitments, a client only uses us as and when they have a need.

Estimated up front including any anticipated external costs, jobs are invoiced upon completion or on a monthly basis for bigger projects (agreed up front). Payment terms are within 7 days.

Retainer Packages

Tailored specifically to the client, once a list of requirements has been agreed, our retainer packages offer the best value, securing our time and enabling our clients to budget.

Starting from 10 hours a month we can provide you with the ability to expand and contract your business around the delivery of projects or simply delegate daily, weekly or monthly administration and marketing tasks.

So if you have a number of projects, the possibility of ongoing work, or you’re just not sure what you need; then drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll break it down so you know what to expect. Easy!


* For further details on our retainer packages, payment terms etc. just get in touch.