The Queen Bees are going sober for October – support us!

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Go Sober this October

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We sometimes get called Superwoman, taking on tasks that no-one wants to do, has time for or the skillset needed. But this October we’re going to become fully-fledged heroes. Soberheroes, to be precise. That’s right, we’re going alcohol free for 31 whole days. We might even wear capes.

And this heroic quest is all for a great cause. We’re taking part in Go Sober – the challenge raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support – which means no booze for the whole of October.

We’re also hoping clearer heads will mean we can achieve heroic things. So don’t be surprised to see us using our new powers for good – flying round the gym, conquering maths homework … one of us might even give you a lift home from the pub if you’re lucky.

Support our heroic efforts

Together we (think) we can do it – but we need your help. As a team we’re asking you to please donate to our quest. Your support will not just help us get through the 31 days – every pound we raise will make a massive difference for Macmillan and their vital work in helping people take back control from cancer.

Our team profile page link, should you wish to make a donation and leave a message of support, is:

Thanks in advance from each of us for your kind sponsorship,

The Queen Bees