The Apps that will rescue September

Ah September, full of organisational hopes and dreams. It is in fact one of my favourite months.  The joys of ‘new pencil case’ mentality still very much part and parcel of this time of year. But 2 weeks into the new term, do you find yourself struggling to get into the swing of a routine? […]

Countdown to Christmas

  Forget the 12 days of Christmas, as a small business owner the countdown to Christmas needs to start much earlier.  Being organised, prepared and informed will ensure a smooth run up and give you the headspace to maximise the many sales opportunities that the season brings.   Over the next few weeks, we’ll be […]

Tidy desk, tidy mind?

In September 2013, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, discovered that people with messy desks were more likely to be creative and take risks. Conversely, those with tidy desks were prone to following rules and less able to break free from convention and develop fresh insights. But before you laugh in the face […]

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