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La Concordia

Running a successful small business, I was in need of some organisational and efficiency tips in managing my workload.  In swooped Jane and after just a morning with her clarity, I felt less overwhelmed.  I had some processes to trial and low and behold I now feel more ordered and in control.  But she’s contagious.  Once I experienced the benefits of using Jane, I realised there were more areas I could outsource.  She’s a real lifesaver.


Lesley-Ann Birley Owner 7th December 2016

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Love Calligraphy

We have been very lucky to have met Queen Bee at the beginning of our calligraphy business enterprise, Love Calligraphy. With their help, what was just an idea soon became a prosperous reality. Their expertise and professionalism guided us step by step all the way into marketing our business and the use of social media to get known and to reach a wider audience. We don't only strongly recommend them for its professional performance but also for their friendly disposition and approachability, these ladies are pure gold!


Alejandra Gonaldi Co-Founder 7th December 2016

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Wendy Diddams Optometrists

I'd like to say that I have appreciated very much how flexible your service is, being able to use you as when I need you and it fits in. You are always so patient, helpful and full of good ideas, it's a real tonic to spend time with you as your energy and enthusiasm rubs off. Without your help I just know my office would still look like it did a year ago!


Wendy Diddams Owner 7th December 2016

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Little Belters

Queen Bee have been helping us plan and deliver marketing activity to drive up membership of our singing groups in South Manchester and Cheshire. It's so amazing having their support and such a relief! We had been incredibly stressed, time poor and struggling to do everything we needed to help Little Belters grow. Marketing often got neglected - we did what we could in a scattergun fashion whenever we had time. Helen and Jane are super-organised, have lots of expert knowledge, they are very driven (in a positive and energetic way) which is just what we need and they are utterly reliable.


Best of all, they don't just write the plan, they deliver it. They'll do whatever is required however big or small, simple or complicated. We have absolute trust in them - whenever we meet it feels like we can hand over our "troubles" and we know that the next time we hear from them they will have unpicked everything and sorted it out. It's re-assuring to know they are now going to be working with us long term. They are also really good fun and we can have a laugh with them which is very important to us!


Claire O'Brien Director, Little Belters 7th December 2016

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Mumma Schnitzel

Thank-you for all you have done. We couldn’t have done the last year without you and can’t thank you enough for organizing Tender Cow and Mumma S the way you have done. We most definitely will keep in touch in case we, or anyone else, is in a crisis! Thanks so much again for everything.


Hollie Scrancher Co-owner 7th December 2016

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Women in Business Network

Helen is a member of my Women in Business Network Manchester group and it was quite clear from the start that Helen and her partner Jane were really going places.  There is a clear determination to grow Queen Bee PA and to expand the range of businesses the company supports and this has led to features in the Manchester Evening News, speaking at Variety’s prestigious women in business lunch and nominations for awards, including industry specific PA awards and the EVAs for women in business.


Helen has already worked with many WIBN Manchester members to provide marketing services such as creating blogs, promoting workshops and providing social media training, as well as general PA support with tasks such as managing a booking system and designing documents.  Helen also supports me by preparing our meeting day paperwork and acting as my second at meetings.  This support helped me to take valuable steps forward in creating a structure to grow and develop my business and I’d love to work with Helen further as I launch a new city centre group next year.


All in all, Helen’s professionalism, marketing experience and organizational skills have made her into a valued group member and I would not hesitate to recommend Queen Bee’s services to any company aiming to grow and develop its business.


Suzanne Leech WIBN 7th December 2016

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Michael Taylor

When I was running my own small business I needed some help getting some complicated listings organised and working out how and where to despatch goods to a certain online distribution and retail business named after a river in Brazil. Helen was tremendous. It just got done, it wasn't without complications, but Helen contacted me when she needed missing bits of information, but otherwise just got on with it. It was a small operation where I just occasionally had spikes in workload where I needed help quickly. Life is sometimes like that. So thank goodness for Helen and her team at Queen Bee.


Michael Taylor Entrepreneur 7th December 2016

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Borough Care Ltd

Borough Care is a not for profit provider of Care Services for older people. Based in Greater Manchester, we have over 550 employees supporting 482 people across 11 care homes; we work in close partnership with other agencies such as Stockport MBC and in January this year it was announced that we were to benefit from a £20m investment strategy.  It was at that point we commissioned Queen Bee to lead and direct our corporate Communication Strategy.  From the outset I was greatly impressed by Helen and Jane’s enthusiasm and commitment as they very quickly got under the skin of our organisation to really understand how everything works, before coming up with solutions.


This has included working in partnership with their counterparts at the Council and forging relationships with a range of stakeholders to act on our behalf.  Working with Queen Bee has been a positive experience - I feel that they understand the sensitivities of our work whilst bringing with them not only their experience but also creativity and flexibility – coming up with a range of ideas and activities to help us get the right messages, in the right places, at the right time.  It feels very much that Helen and Jane are part of our extended team and I look forward to continuing our partnership.


Kathryn Farmer Former CEO 7th December 2016

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The Flower Lounge

Jane and Helen at Queen Bee have been invaluable to my business. Nothing is ever too much trouble and everything is done to the very highest standard. They have taken on a wide variety of tasks for me and always come up with new and creative ways to get the task done. They are incredibly enthusiastic and always deliver tasks to the highest of standards. Jane and Helen have given me the support that I needed to allow me to focus on more important things like meeting new clients and actually running the business.


Sian Wild Owner 7th December 2016