The Apps that will rescue September

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Ah September, full of organisational hopes and dreams. It is in fact one of my favourite months.  The joys of ‘new pencil case’ mentality still very much part and parcel of this time of year. But 2 weeks into the new term, do you find yourself struggling to get into the swing of a routine? And do you fear the month of September will quickly become the 1st October and then you’ll have to wait until January to find this surge of motivation again?!

One of the secrets to organised living is to embrace the world of Apps.  They offer shortcuts, intelligence and efficiency that can keep you on track and in control.

Here we share our top 9 that we use and swear by for business:


A simple to use, project management tool that allows you to list projects/clients (Boards) and break them down into manageable tasks (Cards).  But by far the best thing about Trello is the ability for you to take a horizontal or vertical view of your workload, much better than one long, long, long and overwhelming list.


A glorified list maker, but boy is it glorious! Enables you to organise links, pictures and photos as well as words into your list, so everything is together as a visual feast. What’s more, you can easily categorise so home tasks don’t get mixed in with work tasks, holiday ideas are separate from business growth plans and your shopping list doesn’t appear in amongst your blog notes.

Google Photos

A real time-saver. Hate that pop-up telling you your iCloud storage is almost full? Detest even more the subsequent painful and time-consuming process of having to work through all your photos deciding which to keep, which to lose and scrambling in storage looking for other ways to reduce it?

Sign up to a Gmail account (if you haven’t already, this is worth doing) and install the Google Photos app. This ingenious bit of software automatically sucks ALL your pictures with NO storage limits allowing you to periodically and boldly ‘Delete ALL’ from your phone! Wow! And it is incredibly intuitive allowing you to search for photos based on date, location (thanks Google Maps) and even faces, which is so much easier than scrolling up and down in your camera roll no?

Parking Apps

Worth their weight in gold for those parking ‘oh god, I haven’t got enough cash’ moments. So simple to use, you can be punching in the detail while rushing to get to that meeting. You can also subtly extend your parking duration on the app so avoiding those uncomfortable panic moments mid-meeting when you realise your parking’s about to run out but the CEO is still talking.


Not an obvious organisation tool for business but a valuable one nevertheless, especially if you use the Secret Board tool and share your board with clients or colleagues.  Here you can store your inspiration, use it as a mood board for ideas or collaborate with others on projects that may need visual references.  It’s a neat and tidy way of bringing things together, is a highly addictive and fun way to work and accessible to all without the need to large file transfers, complicated PDFs or fancy formatting.


Whether you need to report the hours your work or you simply want to monitor your time, Hourstracker is a simple, clock-in, clock-out tool that allows you to keep track. So much easier and accurate than sticking your finger in the air and guessing!


A new app being trialled at the Queen Bee hive, but so far, we like what we see. Whirring away in the background, it tracks each car journey you take and then gives you the option to swipe left for personal or swipe right for business, logging that journey and then producing a neat, monthly summary for expense claims. It’s a revelation!

Banking apps

Whoever you bank with, it is so worth getting their app on your phone.  Admittedly, some are better than others and functionality varies but for simple balance checks (to buy the shoes, to not buy the shoes) or quick transfers of money, they really help with on the spot banking and remove tasks from your evening to do list instantly.


Online scheduling that makes setting up meetings with multiple attendees an absolute doddle…or doodle! Choose numerous dates/times, email out as a poll and then select the most popular date and time for your meeting. Done and without a morning wasted.

Give yourself a break. I am as guilty as the rest of them for putting September up on a pedestal to be the utopian month where all my life comes together. But the reality is, all sorts of pressure kicks in in September so you really need to approach things in bite-size chunks. Downloading an app and having a little play could be one of those chunks and will certainly continue way past September 30th….unlike the Marie Kondo approach to my bottom drawer *sigh*